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While we’re still in the limbo of (a) unpacking a bazillion boxes and (b) waiting for the sale of our old house to be finalized so we know we have a little spare cash to work with, can I ply you with some photos of the new place? I thought I’d break it up into a few posts, so today, meet the main floor of our lovely split level.  I should warn you that all these photos were taken with zero staging, since we are barely unpacked at this point, so please forgive the clutter you see everywhere.  We might have gotten some more unpacking done this weekend if we didn’t have to deal with 5 hours of yardwork.

You enter through the front door into this lovely hallway:

Why yes, the walls do match the floors, thanks for noticing!  Our plans for this space include eliminating the paneled walls, replacing some warped floorboards, and refinishing the rest of the wood.  There’s a good size coat closet to the left, followed by the stairs to the lower and upper levels.  The kitchen is straight ahead, and to the right is the living room, as seen here:

This little portion of the living room is probably tied with the master bedroom as the most complete space in the house right now.  My sister and her husband helped me get that coat of green paint on the walls the weekend before we moved in, for which I am eternally grateful.  That opening on the left leads into the dining room.  To the right, you see the portion of the room we haven’t touched yet.

There are two different types of flooring in this living room – hardwoods in the section that was part of the original house (where our sofa is now) and slate floor in this addition done a few years after the house was built.  We are on the hunt for some comfy chairs to put in that space so we can enjoy the amazing view out those windows…although at this point if I look at another leaf I might have a nervous breakdown.

Fall colors…so gorgeous until you are the one raking them.

We did get our bookcases all unpacked, except we kind of hate them in this space.  For now, they’ll do…if only there were some other sets of shelves in the house…

Our only major renovation for this room involves refinishing the wood floors, but there’s plenty of decorating to be done – I’m brainstorming what kind of curtains would look best on those huge windows, and what to put above the fireplace!

Onto the dining room:

Make sure to check out that awesome chandelier.  Also awesome:  the crazy shutters over this fixed window.

I got that sideboard for $25 off of craigslist last week.  Can’t wait to refinish it!

One more view, this one from the door to the kitchen.  The floors in here will get refinished as well, and we’re considering eventually opening up the wall between this room and the kitchen.  We want to make this more of a casual eating area, because it’s the only one in the house, and I’m not a big fan of formal dining rooms that only get used a few times a year.

Of course, it helps that the kitchen will be in need of a gut job in the not so distant future…although it’s got a lot of space, it’s also got a lot of 70’s charm.  Here’s the view from the dining room entry:

Wallpapered walls and ceilings, check. Cabinets of a peachy pink color, check. Drawer knobs shaped like assorted vegetables, check.

Still, I’m already in love with all the space we have.  After years of tiny apartment kitchens, to have all this space is luxurious.  There are actual empty cabinets in this kitchen!

And of course, what goes better with the pink and gray tones of this kitchen than a full set of stained “glass” sliding doors in primary colors.

As I mentioned, in the long run we are planning a total kitchen renovation.  But in the short term, I might try my hand at painting the cabinets to tone down a little of the pinkness.

The kitchen opens up from the other side back into the front hallway, so that completes the main floor of the house.   I’ll put together posts on the rest of the place soon!

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2 Responses to House Tour – the main level

  1. Elizabeth says:

    wow! I love those big windows in the slate room!

    and what is up with that colorblocked glass wall???


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