House Tour – lower level

I gave you a tour of our main level last week, so here’s another floor of our house.  This floor is home to our biggest projects, but for now is also our least used space.

From the main floor hallway, you go down a few stairs to get to the lower level.

The wood lining the stairs there (and some of the walls downstairs) is reclaimed barn wood from the 19th century.

This room right now is a dumping ground for assorted gym and music paraphernalia.  We’ll likely leave the gym equipment set up in here for a while, since we don’t have any other furniture to fill it with.  Down the road this will be a family room/playroom type space, but transitioning it is a pretty low priority project right now.

Here you can see the wall covered with barn wood.  There’s also a pocket door at the bottom of the stairs there.  Think the previous owners liked gray?  Gray wood, gray floors, gray wall (and ceiling) paper, gray trim.  This room was actually a psychologist’s office.  My sister, when she first viewed it, said just coming into the room would make her more depressed.

And here you can see the second fireplace, as well as the juxtaposition of the reclaimed barn wood and some fake wood paneling.  I imagine the thought process that went into this…”The barn wood looks so great, lets add some more wood to the room!  But to cut costs, lets get fake wood paneling!”  Yeah, about that…

This room opens into the equally gray mudroom (aka former waiting room).

Currently home to not much beyond a litter box, I’m not sure what we will eventually do with this space. You can see to the right of this picture a set of sliding glass doors that opens up to the outside.  We are talking about putting in a set of french doors or something else that makes it more of an entrance to the house.  These doors are actually the closest to the street/driveway, and a lot of visitors head for them to be let in, so it might make sense to make it more inviting.

I like that the back of the chimney is exposed.  I still don’t like the paneling/real wood mix.  The mudroom has a half bath and laundry room off of it.  Having a separate dedicated laundry room is such a treat after over a year of basement laundry, preceded by several years of apartment laundry.

It’s nothing fancy, and it shares space with the utilities, but maybe eventually we can make it into a more inviting room and enclose the utilities.

The half bath next door is a real treat for the eyes.  I’ve got close-ups of both that tile and wallpaper for you, don’t worry.

Oh yes.  Two words: gut. job.  At least the ceiling isn’t wallpapered in here.  And yes, that tile is not grouted.  The floor was but this is the tile on the ledge, which apparently didn’t merit grout.

On a more positive note, the mudroom also opens into a two-car garage.  I’ve parked in a garage exactly never in my life, and I’ve managed to not (a) take off a mirror or (b) forget to put the door up before backing out yet.  But there’s time.

So that completed the lower level.  I’ll get the upper level together soon, as well as a tour of the exterior of the place.

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5 Responses to House Tour – lower level

  1. kendall says:

    After looking at the pictures again i would just try to remove the entire wall where the fake paneling is and open it up to the waiting room. There is no real good reason why you should have the rooms separate.

  2. Rich says:

    That’s actually a pretty good idea, then we’d have the fireplace exposed on 3 sides, which could look really nice, and be a place where people would really want to spend time. Although when I get too old and crotchety to go to the office, it would foil my home-office dreams, but I’m willing to take my chances.

  3. kendall says:

    oh by then your kids will be long gone and you can take over one of their rooms…besides the distructions would be fun

  4. whitney says:

    You have great taste in cars!! (I also have a Fit, in red, though)

    I came to your site through 320 Sycamore, and I’ve just spent the last hour or so reading back entries :) Congrats on the new house, I look forward to seeing the progress!

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Whitney! Thanks for reading! Isn’t the Fit the greatest thing ever? We have amazed so many people with everything we have fit(haha, punny) into it, from a 9 ft Christmas tree to a new dresser.

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