Thanksgiving roundup

Happy belated Thanksgiving to my US readers!  We made the trek to my hometown for a small holiday meal with my parents and brother, some Black Friday shopping, and my high school reunion.  Although the dinner and reunion were both a lot of fun, the highlight of our trip was definitely the Black Friday deals.  If you had any doubt that we’ve become obsessed with our house, here’s where we found ourselves at 4:50 AM on Friday:


I’ve never actually waited anywhere at opening for Black Friday deals, but if I had to again, I’d definitely go with Home Depot.  The store manager had coffee and donuts waiting for us, and there were only about two dozen people queued up.  Here’s what we came away with:


After hearing a friend’s tale of killing her vacuum with renovation dust, I knew a shop vac was a must have once we start demoing things.  Grabbing one for over 60% off was a no-brainer.


Our only drill prior to this shopping trip was a corded version that didn’t have adjustable speed or torque.  We got tired of stripping screws and being tethered to the nearest outlet, and added this guy to our arsenal.


Rich and I are both huge fans of Ana White and her creative plans for furniture that can be built at a fraction of the cost of similar pieces from retail stores.  A compressor and nail gun are crucial tools if we want to take on some of her plans, so we picked up this compressor.

We also ordered this set of nail guns from Lowe’s and picked it up Friday afternoon.  Love that they made their Black Friday pricing available online on Thursday, so we only had to make one early morning stop.


So there you have our Black Friday haul.  There may have been some unwrapping of it and pretending to nail gun things (without attaching it to the compressor or putting nails in, of course).  We are such home improvement geeks.  Fitting it all in the car to get back home on Saturday was a bit of a challenge, but I’m so glad we grabbed all these new toys.  I can’t wait to start using them!

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  1. Eva says:

    You will LOVE your shop vac!! I seriously adore mine and feel like that is a must have for anyone doing serious home renovations.


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