Creative Christmas Card Display

Earlier this week I stumbled across this post on Centsational Girl. I loved the creative project she came up to display her Christmas cards!


We are trying to keep our fridge at the new place free of clutter, and I had an unused bulletin board sitting in the basement of the old house, so Monday evening I rescued the bulletin board and headed to Joann’s to search for some supplies.  I decided to try and create strings of lights instead of a tree shape with the ribbon, and was able to find some trim with colored light charms on it.

I wrapped the bulletin board in some ivory fabric with gold sparkles in it.  Everything is better with a little sparkle!

I broke out one of my favorite tools, the staple gun, and stapled the fabric all around the back of the board.

After I had the fabric stretched over the board, I laid out the ribbon.

I tacked it with brads in the middle, and hot glued it along the edge.

Next I glued some thicker gold ribbon along the borders of the piece.  Finally, I stitched on the Christmas light charms I found at Joann’s.  I bought some that were pre-sewed onto trim, but they were only about an inch apart, and I wanted them more spaced out on my finished project.  I don’t have any action shots from this part, since my camera charger was missing and Rich’s phone was stolen, but both problems have since been remedied…want to see the finished project?

I love how it turned out, and so grateful to the world of blogging for providing the inspiration!  I look forward to keeping this up for years to come, all I need now are some more Christmas cards!

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2 Responses to Creative Christmas Card Display

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love it!!!! Hope I get the motivation this week to send out my half addressed Christmas cards!!!

  2. Claire says:

    I love how it came out! I also love the peep of your holiday card that we get. I have a board that is pretty ugly sitting around. I think you’ve inspired me to make an all-season landing zone for our pictures and papers as we can no longer put stuff on our fridge (stainless steel).

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