A peek into history

One nice-ish thing about our house is that when we moved in, the walls that weren’t covered in wallpaper were painted white.  Sure, it’s a bit boring, but it saves us from having to live with other people’s paint choices.  I thought it was a little unusual there was so much white, especially given the creative choices in wallpaper around the house, but I didn’t think too much about it.  That is, until we started discovering the remnants of the colors that once were.  We’re pretty sure that any non-wallpapered surface in the house was painted white when the house was put on the market, and for that, we are quite grateful.

For instance, in the guest room, when we were switching out the thermostat, we discovered this lovely surprise underneath.  This room used to be lime green!

Meanwhile, across the hall in the master bedroom, a peak at the closet trim reveals this entire room, trim and all, used to be creamcicle orange.  Sorry the quality of this pic is so poor…it was difficult getting a photo of the part of the closet normally hidden by the door!

The master bathroom was either a bluish green, or bright pink.  Maybe both at different times?  Maybe striped?  Either way, I’m sure it looked great with the peachy pinky taupe tiles.

Rich’s office is already pretty bold with that plaid wallpaper. But what’s this under the built-ins?  Mint green on the walls and royal blue on the shelves themselves?

And my personal favorite color combo is down in the mudroom.  I have no idea which color was here first, but at various points this trim was both red and yellow.  I’m craving a burger and fries for some reason…

The previous owners of this house certainly did not shy away from color!  I actually really love that we can see some of the past of the house around the edges.  I love that we own a house that was lived in by one family for 40+ years, and that was obviously well loved during that time.  It’s fun to imagine what it must have looked like fully painted and decorated in the 70s!  But that doesn’t mean we’re going to bring back any of these colors into our decor…or does it?  We’ve got two rooms on the list to be painted…wait and see what we picked!

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  1. Claire says:

    In our previous home we discovered that at one point the trim around the windows in our living room had been canary yellow. I shudder to think about what color the walls were!

    Love the day-glo surprise in the mudroom. Perhaps it was an odd psychological experiment?

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