Snow Day Project

I mentioned in my previous post that we picked up some supplies in preparation for the foot of snow we were expecting between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.  We had a rather unpleasant run-in at Home Depot when I asked them to color-match Martha Stewart paint colors into Behr base.  I’ve had this done many times before for the sample sizes of color and heard of them matching colors from other lines like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.  The woman behind the counter was super rude, and told me they “couldn’t” do that.  When I said they had done it before, she said “well then someone is in trouble.”  Of course, she then said it wasn’t that they “couldn’t” do that, it was that they couldn’t guarantee the color would be an exact match, since each paint formulator starts with a slightly different colored base to prevent people from color matching into cheaper brands.  I happily told her that I would be willing to take that risk, and she mixed up my paint finally (while complaining under her breath the whole time).  I don’t know if I’ll be going back to this HD paint counter again!  It’s a shame because it’s the closest one to us, but then again, I drive by one on my way to and from work where I can do my shopping tax-free, which I much prefer anyway!

Anyway, poor customer service rant aside, after tearing down the shelving in the master bedroom we were confronted with discolored stripes running along our bedroom wall.

Since we spend a good deal of our time in this room, we decided fixing it up was now at the top of the priority list.  Only problem was we hadn’t picked a color yet!  Usually I’m very cautious about picking out paint colors, as the three different shades of yellow currently on our guest room wall can attest to.  Although we had a handful of the light brown swatches we were considering, we didn’t have time to buy a tester size of paint and debate the color for a few days.  So we took the five swatches we had, threw out two of them for being too light, and decided we liked the slightly purple/gray undertones of one of the browns after holding it against our walls in several different lights.  We headed for Home Depot before we could change our minds and bought two gallons of Martha Stewart Buckwheat Flour, begrudgingly color-matched into Behr flat paint.

We let the paint sit while the snow fell and we watched football on Sunday, but late Monday morning we cracked open the paint cans!  We have a good division of labor where I do the cutting-in and Rich does the rolling.  I took the advice of Young House Love and invested in a good quality short handled angled 2″ paintbrush, and I’m able to cut a straight line without spending any time taping, which used to be my least favorite part of any paint job.

Best brush ever, seriously.  source

The first coat took about three hours (it was slow going around our closets) and the second coat took another two…a lot of time but we were dealing with a huge room.  I’ve dragged it out enough though, I know what you really want is pictures!

As a refresher, here is the room before:

And here is the after!

I will be so glad when we get some daylight back so I can get some better photos!

This room is still a work in progress.  We need to get some window treatments, hang some artwork, and we’d like to turn the corner where the shelves used to live into a seating nook with a big comfy chair, lamp, and end table.  We’d like to replace our current craigslist-purchased dressers with some that match the bed and each other.  Those orange flower pendant lights have already overstayed their welcome.  We also need to paint the ceiling, which the rule follower in me knows we should have done first, but painting a ceiling is no fun and doesn’t give you wow results! Until we do, my punishment is having to stare at these uggo dark marks on the ceiling.

Small price to pay to be able to enjoy those gorgeous walls!

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2 Responses to Snow Day Project

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Looks so good!!!! But seriously those flower pendants DO have to go and get on that ceiling Stephanie!!

    • Stephanie says:

      I know! We really want to take the flower lights out before we do the ceiling since otherwise we’ll have to touch up the ceiling. Finding a replacement pendant light that looks good and is affordable is turning out to be quite a challenge though!

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