Fireplace Facelift

On Christmas Eve Rich took on a quick little project that jazzed up our living room with less than half an hour of work, and enabled us to enjoy the holiday by a crackling fire!

We inherited this bronze fireplace screen from some friends who moved cross country, and while it would have protected our wood floors from flying sparks, we wanted something more secure to keep the cats from wandering in and…using…the ashes.  Adding doors also allowed us to close up a dying fire if we had to leave the house or wanted to go to sleep without worrying.

So we ordered this set of fireplace doors from Costco, one of my absolute favorite places in the universe.  Does that mean I’ve become old and boring before my time?


And here it is on our fireplace!

I’m not sure the modern look jives with our carved mantel, but replacing that is not at the top of our to-do list.  For now I’m glad we can just enjoy a nice fire while lounging on the sofa, especially with our third snowstorm this week passing through last night!

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2 Responses to Fireplace Facelift

  1. Claire says:

    Looks awesome! It is modern but I think if you paint the brick (ahem, Rich…) it will help the whole thing come together. If not, it still looks great and safe! I actually love that carved mantle. Its so rich looking. Alice is probably plotting her revenge now that you’ve foiled her ash usage attempts.

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