Coat Closet Cleanup

This time of year it’s getting harder and harder to work up motivation to get started on new projects.  The weather makes me want to curl up under a Slanket as soon as I get home from work, outside projects are out of the question, and the boxes that we still haven’t unpacked from the move three months ago are mocking me from where they are stacked up in the family room.

But a blog about making over our home little by little is no fun without ongoing makeovers, so to keep my throngs (roughly estimated) of fans satisfied I took on a little project – our hall coat closet!  What with the terrible weather of late, we’ve been spending a lot of time in here searching for enough layers to make digging out from the latest snowstorm tolerable.  It was not pretty.

The closet somehow collected a ton of stuff that really belonged elsewhere…unless you keep cleaning products, watering cans, a cone collar for your dog, rugs, and an extra vacuum in your coat closet.  So step one was taking everything out of the closet and putting the stuff that didn’t belong there where it did belong.  Or on the giant junk pile accumulating in the mudroom until the weather gets nice enough to make a garage clean-out tolerable.  If you’re nice I’ll show you that shameful secret soon.

I made a trip to Target to pick up some supplies for this project:  some matching wooden hangers, some bins for scarves/gloves/hats, and some hooks.

I sorted through our coats and put the ones we regularly wear back in the closet on new hangers, with a few empties left over for our guests.

Rich hung up hooks on both sides of the closet.  One side holds our umbrellas.

And the other side holds reusable shopping bags.

On the shelves I added three bins, one with my winter accessories, one for Rich’s and one for pet stuff.

By far my favorite part of the closet is what we came up with to corral the vacuum.  We recently got a canister vacuum, and the hose was attacking me every time I opened the closet (as you can see in the before pictures).  So Rich hung a hook on the closet that holds the floor attachment and the hose off of the bottom of the closet and against the wall, like so:

Love it!  Coming home to see this closet when I put away my coat and boots has been such a nice change!  And I’m even feeling the urge to vacuum more often…but I’m sure that will pass soon.

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3 Responses to Coat Closet Cleanup

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Yay! A new post!!! Looks good!

  2. Claire says:

    Bins and baskets are a girl’s best friend! I totally have vacuum envy right now, too. I also never imagined that matching wooden hangers would be so glorious. Really makes it look polished in there.

  3. kendall says:

    I wish i had a hall closet, instead we have shoes and coats all over…

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