House Tour – the exterior

I gave you a tour of the interior of our house in the month after we moved in, but by then winter had arrived in full force and I never got around to taking some good photos of the exterior.  And even though there is snow in the forecast here for Friday (seriously weather, I hate you) I decided tonight was time to finally get out there and take some photos of things as they are right now.

Our house is placed pretty oddly on the lot, as you come down the driveway this is what you see.

The strange thing is that it’s the back of the house that faces the street.  Not sure what the thought process was here, but we have so many guests show up at those sliding doors, which sadly open into the mudroom.

All along the side of the driveway is what I like to call Ferngully.

It was unattractive when the ferns were blooming in summer, and its even worse now that they are dead.

Moving down to the bottom of the driveway you can see the garage, which sorely needs to be power washed.

Bonus, on the left hand side there you can see the shelves we demolished on Christmas day.  Yeah, any day now we will take care of that.

Moving toward the “front” yard (because it’s at the front of the house, not because it’s on the street), you can see the beautiful pathway laid out to take you to the front door.

Also, more ferns, and the first glimpses of the boxwood invasion, as also evidenced here.

And here.  How cute is this little stone staircase though?

Here’s the view of the whole front of the house.  Love those big windows!

If you turn around from this spot you can see our adorable little stream.  Definite advantage to living in the low spot in the neighborhood.

Moving around to the backyard there is even more to see.  Outside of the kitchen sliding doors is a huge deck.  It’s not in the best of shape, but we are looking forward to rebuilding it and enjoying meals outside this summer.

Off to the side of the deck is this little area which it seems was once a vegetable garden.  With my black thumb it probably won’t be used for that, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

And up on the hill, leading up to our street, are several tiers that have mostly been let run wild.  There’s a few daffodils and tulips coming in there though.

There’s definitely a lot of potential outside our home, but there’s a lot of work to be done too.  The house was vacant for two years before we moved in, so to try and catch up we are having the yard “spring cleaned” this week.  I’ll have some more photos to share after that process and as we try and figure out what to plant that I can’t kill, and where exactly we can fence for the dog to run around.

Anyone else getting the urge to get into the yard now that spring is here (allegedly)?

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2 Responses to House Tour – the exterior

  1. Claire says:

    I’m on my way.

    With a rake in my hand. And gloves, to prevent blisters.

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