Farewell, Flower Lights.

One of the most unique features in our house when we purchased it was the bedside pendants lamps in the master bedroom.  Shaped like flowers, painted orange with pink polka-dots, they certainly are an item that one either loves or hates.

We came down on the hate side of that decision.  They didn’t fit our aesthetic, and as you can see, stuck out like a sore thumb when compared to our furniture and bedding.

We’ve been talking about swapping them out for something else since the day we moved in, but kept getting deterred by the price tag on replacement lamps.  This changed when Rich happened upon a President’s Day sale on Home Depot’s website, where we managed to score four pendants lights for a total of $80.  The color and style of these replacements is a little more muted than their predecessors.

They arrived during the week, but we had to wait until the weekend to install them so we could still have some light to work with once we flipped off the power.  We are far from master electricians, but we’ve installed plenty of replacement light fixtures with no issues.  We just make sure to turn off the power first, make sure there are no frayed wires, and take our time.

We laid out all our tools and the lights on the bed.  We were lucky enough to have our assistant, Simon, there to supervise.

We decided to stick with the staggered look the previous owners had for the pendant lights, and measured them to be exactly the same height.  We adjusted the length of the cord and trimmed it, then stripped the cable to reveal the wires.  Then we got so busy installing the light we didn’t take any progress pictures!  Here’s how things looked about halfway through.

And here’s everything all finished off.  Definitely a vast improvement!

The bedroom is coming along pretty well!  Next up in there is putting together a little reading nook, if we can ever find the right chair.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Those are great!!! Yayy blogging!

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