New Dining Room Table

Most of our home improvement efforts have been focused on the exterior lately, but we haven’t forgotten about the interior of the house.  We had been debating which room we wanted to take on next, since there is no shortage of projects.  Luckily, sometimes the internet gives you some inspiration to take on a project you’ve been talking about for months.

When this post on *Remodelaholic* came across my feed reader, I was so impressed with what Shelby and her husband had built!


I have been dreaming of replacing our somewhat fussy dining room table with a more rustic farmhouse table for months and months.  The dining room is our only eating space in the house (if you don’t count the couch and coffee table) and we want it to be an inviting comfortable place, where we can just as easily help our future kids with homework as we can host a ton of family for holiday dinners.

After reading Shelby’s post, I decided there was no reason we couldn’t build our own table, and why not do it that very weekend?  The table is built from this plan from Ana White.

Friday night we treked over to Home Depot and purchased all the wood we needed for the project.  I had to ride in the backseat along with the wood to get it all home.

Once we got home we piled it all up in the garage.  I really liked that we got all the supplies the night before, it made it a lot easier to dive in and get started in the morning.

Saturday morning we got up and got to work.  I handled the miter saw to cut all the wood to the correct size.

Rich set up a makeshift sawhorse and then got to work notching out several of the 2x4s we were using for the table legs, using a circular saw.

The process of notching out the boards definitely took the most time – close to 3 hours.  During that time I cut all the boards to size – something like 40 or 50 cuts overall.  Then we started assembling everything.

That slightly crazed look in my eyes in the picture above is the result of about 7 hours of total work to get the table built to this point.

After getting everything built, we filled in all the screw holes with wood filler and let things dry.  Then we sanded the heck out of the table!  We started with 80 grit and went down to 220.

After finishing up with the sanding, we put on a coat of stain (Minwax Dark Walnut) and three coats of polyurethane.  Then we almost died trying to carry it into the house by ourselves (it must weigh 150 lbs)!

But here it is in its new home, with the old dining room chairs.  We’ve got plans to replace them but for now we are just going to sit back and and enjoy the new table.  Maybe we will even eat a meal there instead of in front of the TV!

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6 Responses to New Dining Room Table

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my god!!!! Amazeballs!!!!

  2. Jennifer Miller says:

    I’m so impressed! It’s a great looking table and all in one weekend. I was so proud of myself for buying 50 cent pictures at a yard sale and re-using the frames within an hour of getting home – but this really takes the cake!

  3. Katy says:

    Holy cow! It looks amazing!! Good for you! I have dreams of building my own furniture too, but seem to lack the motivation so far ;)

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks Katy! It took us a long time to work up the motivation, but I found buying the wood within a few hours of deciding to do it held us accountable since I didn’t want it to get warped sitting in the garage. Can’t wait to see the results of your projects this weekend!

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