Good Bones Home vs. the Wallpaper (Round 2)

Even though our first wallpaper battle was an easily won victory, we weren’t exactly jumping at the thought of taking on more of it.  For one thing, in other rooms it was on more than one wall.  And on the ceilings.

This past weekend my mom came up for a visit, the first time she’s been able to see the place since the day we moved in!  We had fun showing off all the projects we’d done so far and telling her about some of the plans we had.  I was planning on using her crazy green thumb to help me work on the garden all weekend, but Friday afternoon was icky and rainy, and we found ourselves in the kitchen, discussing how we could make it look better (to sum up, a lot of work).  Step one in that project, we decided, would be giving the wallpaper the axe.

So we pulled the steamer and scrapers out of the garage and got to work.  I failed in my blogging duties and didn’t take a single photo while we were hard at work.  We found the paper came off pretty easily once it was wet, either from using the steamer (on vertical surfaces) or with a sponge (on the horizontal ones).  It came off in two separate layers, but as long as we took our time and saturated the paper, it came off in pretty full sheets, and after about three hours of work, Rich came home to a kitchen that was almost free of wallpaper, along with two exhausted and paste covered women.

I can’t believe what a difference it makes just to get down the peachy-pink wallpaper!  It was really reflecting that color all over the entire room, and now it seems so much brighter.   I’m so grateful my mom was willing to put in the hard labor and help get our kitchen face lift started.  Now that we’ve gotten started we are forging ahead.  Eagle-eyed readers might notice we’ve already got swatches taped up on both the cabinets and the walls.  In fact, as I type this, the first round of paint is drying on the cabinet fronts out in the garage.  I can’t wait to get everything fixed up and show you all!

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3 Responses to Good Bones Home vs. the Wallpaper (Round 2)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    OOh yeah! Looks so much better! So you are going for white cabinets and brown walls?

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