The Kitchen Makeover Continues!

After getting rid of the wallpaper and getting a coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, the next project in our kitchen makeover was painting the cabinets!  After all, we couldn’t leave them this pinky-peach color forever.  They are in decent shape structurally and replacing them entirely just isn’t in our budget right now, so a coat of paint was the most economical solution.

I got lucky that my mom had just painted the cabinets down at her beach house, so she was able to give me some tips on the process.  I started by taking down all the top cabinets and setting them up on makeshift sawhorses out in the garage.  There were so many of them that I didn’t even worry about the bottom cabinets at this point, and decided I would just get all the top cabinets painted first.  While they were out there we got used to being able to see the contents of all our upper cabinets.

To cover the wood grain on the cabinets, we started with a coat of oil based primer.  This stuff is nasty and stinky and a pain in the behind to clean up, but necessary if you are trying to cover up anything wood with paint..  After the primer dried we did two coats of semi-gloss paint (Martha Stewart’s Fossil, color matched into Behr).  We finished up the top cabinet doors and let them dry for a few days, then stacked them up.  I was a little disappointed with the way the brush strokes showed on these doors, so I decided to try a little something different for the lower cabinet doors and drawers as well as the cabinet frames.  We used a foam roller for both priming and painting, and it definitely resulted in a much smoother finish.

After we finished up all the painting a let things dry, it was time to put it all back together.  We numbered all the doors and hinges to make it easier to put things back together.  We also switched out the veggie shaped knobs for some more basic brushed nickel ones.

I LOVE the look of the new cabinet color against the counters and wall color.  It’s amazing what a change coat of paint can make!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    What a breath of fresh air!!! Love it Steph

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