How does your garden grow?

We interrupt the ongoing kitchen makeover to bring you this update on my gardening skillz.  It’s now been over a month and a half since my mom came to visit and helped pick out some plants for the garden, and I wanted to provide photographic proof that most of them are still alive and thriving.  Plus, by photographing these and writing down the names of them, I can cut off the tags identifying them that have remained since we put them in the ground six weeks ago.

You may remember we had ripped out most of the plants in the garden, leaving only a few shrubs.  Before, we were on boxwood overload, so one of our goals in picking out some new plants was to add a little variety.

To the right of the front door, we took out the leaning holly tree, and replaced it with a Mountain Fire Pieris.

This will eventually grow to 4-6 feet high, and 4-6 feet wide, filling in this space nicely.  I like the bright red color of the new leaves, and supposedly it gets white flowers in the spring.  It’s also an evergreen, which we were looking for, because we don’t want a dead looking garden all winter.

The red growth is proof I haven’t killed it yet!

To the left of the front door we put in a group of three shrubs.

The one in the front is a Boxleaf Euonymus.  It’s another evergreen, which will grow to about 2 feet high and 2 feet wide.  We love the bright yellow edges to the leaves.

Behind it is a Heavenly Bamboo Nandina plant.  My mom has Nandina all over her garden and raved about their hardiness (always a good thing when dealing with my gardening abilities).  This guy will get 3-4 feet high, and about 2 feet wide.

To the left is a Golden Mop Goldthread Cypress.  It will spread 3-4 feet wide and get about 2 feet high, so it won’t block out the window behind it.  This is another one with an awesome yellow-green color, adding a little variety to the garden.

We added some potted flowers to the front porch as well.  We found these amazing deep red pots at Homegoods.  I love how they pick up the red foliage of the Nandina and Pieris.  They are planted with Impatiens and…other plants?  Yeah, without tags, I’m lost.

Lest you get too impressed with the fact that all these plants are still alive (although to be honest, some of the plants in the pots have bit the dust, but I think they still look ok) I’ll leave you with one sad looking gardening fail.  When I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago, I dug up a Patio Peach volunteer from her garden.  I’m not sure whether this poor plant fell victim to the hot 3.5 hour car ride, or my sub-par gardening abilities, but right now it is not looking so great.

Until all the leaves fall off I am holding out hope though!  In the meantime I’m going to upgrade my thumb from black to brown – I’m certainly not about to market my gardening skills to the general public, but I’m no longer afraid that everything I plant is going to instantly die.  Of course, let’s not discuss my herb garden…

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Looks great Steph! And yeah I love those red pots too.

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